Guy Butcher, Furniture Designer and Maker

Bespoke Fine Furniture

From a workshop at my home in rural Herefordshire, as a cabinetmaker, I design and create individual fine furniture with both contemporary and traditional inspirations. Constants throughout the design and furniture making process are the methods of construction, the choice of materials; both in terms of beauty and suitability for purpose, and quality of finish.

Contemporary and Traditional Furniture

The following gallery pages have been divided in an attempt to reflect the different styles of fine furniture I enjoy making. I have tried to split between contemporary furniture and traditional furniture, but find however that the line between the two is not always so clear-cut, with contemporary pieces quite often drawing heavily from earlier periods in history and style. Likewise, copies of pieces from these periods can often fit into a contemporary setting effortlessly, or can be adapted to do so. The nature of some pieces means that they can have a foot in either or both galleries.

Commissioned Furniture

I work mainly to commission, to design and make bespoke furniture, but usually have a number of pieces for sale and on show in the Timber Store Gallery which is the SHOWROOM adjoining my workshop.

Traditional Furniture

My inspiration is drawn from many periods through history. The solid, honest joinery and extravagant decoration of early, oak Tudor furniture, the flamboyant decoration of the Queen Anne era and the simple lines and visible demonstration of construction using the best timbers found in the Arts and Crafts furniture, all play an important role.

The Timber Store

My workshop and The Timber Store Showroom and Gallery are located on our family owned farm in the village of Canon Frome, near Ledbury in Herefordshire. I work predominantly on my own from this workshop, but we are fortunate to have a large pool of skilled artists and craftspeople to draw on locally if the project requires.

Contemporary Furniture

As with the traditional furniture I make, my inspiration is quite often drawn from periods through history. As with many makers the Arts and Crafts movement plays a large role in influencing the design of much of the contemporary furniture I make. Design throughout the 20th Century, in Europe and America, also play an important role.